Stefano Guzzetti – Alone (night music for piano solo).

Stefano Guzzetti is an Italian musician and composer who has also recorded under the Waves on Canvas alias. His works have been released on esteemed labels such as Home Normal, P*Dis,  Brooklyn Bridge Records and his own Stella Recordings imprint. He was signed to Mute Publishing in 2016 and has had the legendary Vaughan Oliver … Continue reading Stefano Guzzetti – Alone (night music for piano solo).


Lorenzo Masotto – Aeolian Processes.

"By the moment my hands touch the piano and I begin to compose, my conscience starts a journey, leaving my body. During its wandering shows me pictures of the places it encounters, creating a sort of connection between my unconscious and my fingers. The colors, the landscapes, the faces of the people it photographs along … Continue reading Lorenzo Masotto – Aeolian Processes.