“The Green Kingdom is Michael Cottone, a graphic designer and sound artist based in Michigan.  Interested in creating compositions which blur the lines between sounds and structure while keeping a sharp focus on melody, his pieces are crafted using a variety of instruments, electronic sources, sampled textures and field recordings.”

Over the last 11 years Michael has been crafting his sounds and releasing on a variety of labels such as SEM label, Home Assembly Music, Flaming Pines, Nomadic Kids Republic, Tench, Dronarivm and others. This 2 track ep released via his bandcamp page is a digital only release that is sandwiched by his last physical release, the CD “Harbor” on Dronarivm and the forthcoming yet to be titled LP on Lost Tribe Sound due later in the year.

This Ep, released on April the 2nd, comes with the title track and the “nocturnalmix” coming in at a combined 17 minutes in length. The title track starts with several layers – a subtle drone which gets distorted, field recordings (presumably of the “Riverside Trail”), a more harmonic drone and at around the one minute mark the first sounds of foot steps.  The initial impression is that this is one of the darker The Green Kingdom tracks, but the truth is that it’s just part of a the whole track which reveals more as it goes on.

Around the 2:30 point a synth drone joins in the sound pallet. The drones vary for the next few minutes interlacing with the field recording until the 4:30 mark where the first clearly identified guitar part (slightly reminiscent of Australian artist Seaworthy) comes in and at the 6 minute mark the field recordings start changing to foot steps as the sound changes to a more brighter tone, giving the impression of leaving the riverside to a more open space. A percussive beat is added which gives the track a base to which the guitar parts can attach to.

At the 8:30 mark the sound drops out with acoustic guitar and other layering guitars added to the bird sound and foot prints. It’s at this point that the track grows into a more acoustic pastoral track to where the inter-meshing guitars, field recordings and drones bring in the light that was being covered by the earlier noisy drones.

The “(nocturnalmix)” has a more electronic approach with delicate beats, field recordings, harmonic drones and a slightly dubby approach. With the original track, the drones that came in at the end are central to the remix and there appears to some haunted vocals that loop in and out. Having not heard his Dustcraft side project,  I can only assume is that this mix is that projects dubby influence.

The first preview track “Adventurine” for his forthcoming LP is now up on the Lost Tribe Sound bandcamp page here and you can see the difference in this compared to “Riverside Trail” or his blissed out “Harbor” album and note that Michael is an artist that is not held to one particular version of a style of music. He is definitely an artist to keep your eye on.

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