“Carrers De Sydney” is the debut release of Barcelona via Sydney artist Mauri Edo aka Subespai. This is his first release, which he did a extremely limited run of 20 copies, each comes with photos of the area where tracks are named after by the artist nuun. There are plans to follow up with a cassette release on a local label.

The Ep’s title is in Catalan (the main language spoken in Barcelona) which translates to “Streets of Sydney”. During an email exchange Mauri mentioned “I have never been a traveler and living in a different country was a positive shock, but a shock nonetheless. I found myself lost on the city’s details, amazed at how ordinary things like streets an alleys can be different in two very civilized and very western cities of the same world. The Ep has three songs, every one of them named after one of the city’s streets and alleys, not main streets, not at all special in terms of urbanism or location, but special enough that caught my attention repeatedly when I was around them.” The Ep’s 20 copies come with pictures of the streets “as I see my music very much enhanced by the imagery of places, like the soundtrack for modern living.”

“Temperance Ln” opens the Ep, physically located in the city central business district coming off George street. The track is the first and only track on the Ep to employ acoustic instrumentation in this case acoustic guitar which is used sparingly above electronic glitches and two layers of looped electronic drones/rhythms. The use of the acoustic guitar provides a difference point to the two other tracks and leads in a direction that could be a good one for Subespai to further.

“Moorgate Street” physically located in Toongabbie North West to Sydney is a perfectly normal suburban street with an attached culdisac. This 5 minute track is a drone track with pulsing synth like sounds, hiss that continuously build up with s slightly harsher drone becoming the central tone under which the pulsing drones continue.

“Henry Lawson Ave” concludes the Ep. Physically located in the North side of Sydney, where Macmahons Point Jetty is and parallel to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the track starts with a looping almost idling car sound that lays a rhythmic foundation before reverberating loops of piano, filter in and out and are warped giving an additional off kilter rhythm which continues on as the original idling rhythm dissipates.
The Ep is only 16 minutes in length, so it gives the listener a taste of the artist’s sound. There are also some other tracks up on Soundcloud which include Disquiet Junto Project tracks, for people to pursue more.

Its hard to gage the response of the music to the individual locations just by observing them via Google Street view (although the images contained with the release are striking architectural ones). You could imagine only what sort of idea the individual locations presented to Subespai especially as an immigrant. The suburbia of Toongabbie would be totally different to that of Barcelona and the same goes for the seaside Macmahons point and the inner city Temperance Ln. It would be curious to see what the sounds would be like if he chose three from areas from his former home town. Would the sound pallet be different?

Before moving to Australia he was active, so it will be curious to see how his music progresses with these new influences.

You can get your hands on one of the remaining copies of the Ep:

And you can stream the Ep’s three tracks here:




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