Nhung Nguyen – An Ordinary Narrative. 

Nhung Nguyen is a Vietnam based musician and sound artist who from 2011-2015 recorded as Sound Awakener and appeared on labels such as Soft ("Belonging to the Infinity" with Linear Bells), Unknown Tone Recordings ("Here cones the Acoustic Season" with Gallery Six) and Flaming Pines (Tiny Portraits - "Nocturnal Scenes"). Since 2015 she has been … Continue reading Nhung Nguyen – An Ordinary Narrative. 


Dominique Charpentier – Esquisses. 

Dominique Charpentier is a self-described "French indie minimalist musician and composer" who also is self released. His latest release is "Esquisses" which will be released via his Bandcamp page on June 23. "Esquisses"  features the artwork of artist Anna Salzmann who has just collaborated on a release with her partner Gareth Broke on 1631 Recordings. In the … Continue reading Dominique Charpentier – Esquisses. 

Endurance x 2 – The Invincible / The Vacant Coast.

  Having a moniker is a tricky thing for a musical project. What sort of idea do you want to give to the audience? With a name like Endurance, Japan based Canadian Researcher and Translator Joshua Stefane (who uses volca keys, volca FM, Op-1,SI Evolver, Saucillator App, effects pedals, field recordings, tape recorders and others) … Continue reading Endurance x 2 – The Invincible / The Vacant Coast.

Bill Seaman – Erasures And Displacements.

Bill Seaman returns to the fictitious island of Eilean with "Erasures and Displacements" (Eilean 78) his first since 2015's "f(noir)" (Eilean 33) and is joined by Owen Sidney Richardson on Contrabass and Electric Bass Library,  Craig Tattersall with Synth Bass Library, Robert Ellis-Geiger on Trumpet,  Cornet and Flugelhorn Library, and Jonas Braasch with Horn Library … Continue reading Bill Seaman – Erasures And Displacements.


The Dronarivm label has been around for 5 years now and label curator Bartosz Dziadosz aka Pleq sees his first release since 2012's split cassette with Philippe Lamy on the label he has steered (not forgetting his tracks  on the compilations "Aquarius", "Past Disappears", "Into the White" and "Illuminations"). Pleq is no stranger to remixes … Continue reading Pleq – RE:COMPOSITION.