We find ourselves with the 58th release from the French imprint Eilean Rec which comes from Francesco Giannico & Giulio Aldinucci. Considering the first release came out in April 2014 with 53 of those coming out in the first 3 years, that would mean the label (going at the same release rate) will be finished approximately 2 – 2.5 years from now.

This was released in an edition of 150 copies and is all sold out from the label, but limited copies are/will be available from Stashed Goods and Experimedia.

“Reframing” sees Italian artists Francesco Giannico and Giulio Aldinucci pair up again after the Dronarivm release “Agoraphonia” from 2016. Giannico has featured on labels such as Somehow, Oak Editions, Time Released Sound and Unknown Tone to name a few while Aldinucci has appeared on Home Normal, Time Released Sound, The Long Story Recording Company and others. The pair come across like well suited collaborators.

“Reframing” opens almost like a needle is placed mid track and the record player is turned on. Church organ like ethereal drones float below field recordings of street conversations between children with subtle electronics cutting in to the piece that provide delicate swathes of sound that make the track have depth, but also give a little bit of haze as well and as this was released towards the end of the Northern Hemispheres summer season, a summery feel.

“Encoding” blends Electroacoustic soundscapes with abstract drones, bells and chimes alongside a series of drones that vibrate with intensity and at times feel almost like proggy Synth progressions.

“Storage” is where the experimentation starts with an alien soundscape that cracks, pops, flickers in and out at times feeling like a subdued Merzbow outtake than a Drone piece. It feels like a transmission from some sort of SCI FI film that is about loneliness, abandonment and decay.

“Retrieval” has a similar tone, but not sound to “Reframing”. This is a pure Drone piece that slowly stars building up with multiple layers such as the glacial bottom layer, the muddle bass like layer and then the top melodic layer. Once it reaches the crescendo the main drone becomes a fusion of the glacial and melodic before a hive like electronic sound starts buzzing around. A darker piece starts building in the left hand side and comes on like a storm engulfing the whole piece with the drone sounding like a wind gale that pulses with intensity for several minutes before it is heard as a somewhat distant storm that is threatening to return before it fades to silence.

“Iconic” swirling winds, scatter of gun fire like sounds, looped water on a tin roof sound, modern classical piano, field recordings, ambient synths and looped decaying electronic sounds all come together to form a piece that has depth of sound for the listener to get hooked on. The blending of different tones and elements means that it is not one-dimensional. The artists let the elements come in and our, give them space, but also allow for them to compliment each other. The shortest of tracks on the album at 4 minutes and thirty-two seconds could easily go for a few more minutes.

“Echoic” sees a track where the elements that have been included in the preceding five tracks come together, but with subtle added other sections like a fast beating heart beat, walls of noise, the sound of contact mikes being played with. The piece comes like a fusion of a Electroacoustic artist and an ambient artist constructing a track that has a foot in both camps and seems balanced between the more ambient beginning and the Electroacoustic ending.

“Reframing” is a work that could be classified as Electroacoustic Ambience and has more than enough depth and variation for sustained listening. It is a perfect headphone listen to pick up all that is happening in the tracks. A mention should be made of the dynamic master of Ian Hawgood.

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