n5MD (the home of the likes of BVDUB, Arovane, Mark Harris and To Destroy a City) have announced their first release of 2018, Winterlight’s “The Longest Sleep Through The Darkest Days” which drops March 16. The album is the follow-up to 2011’s “Hope Dies Last” and after a period of hiatus punctuated by Soundcloud demos , false starts and live performances, Tim Ingham was joined by his daughter Isabel on bass.

The label has this to say about Winterlight “After absorbing post-punk and shoegaze in the 80s and 90s in his native Thames Valley England, Tim Ingham took time to let those influences soak in and it wasn’t until 2006 in an effort to recreate the lush and hazy sounds of his youth that Winterlight came to be. Quickly coming to the attention of other acts on the ambient/electronica scene, he remixed a number of his contemporaries, including n5MD’s own port-royal. Two singles, Mirror and Kissed, on UK label Years Without Art, demonstrated his ability to craft his own simple dream-pop melodies in the vein of contemporaries like Ulrich Schnauss and veterans like Robin Guthrie.

In regards to the album, which comes in transparent green or ultra clear with green splatter 180 gm vinyl, CD and download, n5MD state “The further emphasis on guitar-based compositions and the addition of Isabel, on bass has resulted in a sound that is more complex and varied but also at times more straightforwardly forthright. The trademark sweeping strings and soaring guitars are ever-present but, in a handful of the songs, more sparse instrumentation and straightforward rhythms create greater ambience and show that for Winterlight now, less can mean more.

unnamed (1)

The label has released a teaser video as seen below and at only thirty-four seconds long, it does tease with what you may expect when the album drops. On February 23rd the first single “I Can’t Start Being Happy For Feeling Sad” will be released with two exclusive B-sides. If you pre-order the album now using the bandcamp link below, you get the track “Hinterland” now.

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