Ihä is the solo project of Chilean drone musician Ignacio Moreno Fluxà founded on 2011. His music is described as “sonic journeys (that) are peaceful yet courageous, and are based upon an introspective, minimalist spirit which evokes dreamy soundscapes and misty atmospheres.” on this release he uses Guitar, Keyboard and effects. He has appeared on over a dozen releases on labels from Chile, Peru and United States.

“Esperanza” was released on Chilean label Ce Chemin Est Le Bon who are a new label to me.

“Esperanza” opens with lightly strummed and slightly distorted guitar lines that start to form a circular like drones spiraling around and pulsing. The music incrementally increases in volume and intensity as the loops start to become shorter in duration and the tone becomes noisier with an equally noisy undercurrent. The music does not change that much in its nineteen minute duration which is a bit of a drawback.

“Un salto dichoso hacia la Eternidad” introduces the keyboard part into the equation and the difference between the first and second track is noticeable. Gone are the minimalist guitar movements as the track is made up of waves of sci-fi sounding synths that conjure up things like Stranger Things soundtrack and early 80’s era Tangerine Dream. With a bed of synths to use as a base, there are several layers of synths progressions which either act as a bass-line of sorts, a melody or just out there explorations. The various layers and the separate tones they create are a welcome change to the opener.

“Tiro Al Are” acts as a middle point between the first two tracks. The instrumentation stays the same as “Un salto dichoso….”, but this around the minimalism of the opener returns. There are slight looped sections that gently come in and kit that are mostly obscured by the synths. The music works at a lugubrious pace with sections unfurling over time that alternates their position in the music. While not noisy there’s a certain edge to the music that places it in the darker quality.

I am not sure if the tracks are un mastered, but the music is lacking on depth that mastering could bring out to make it more vibrant and bring out more layers to reveal itself a bit more. The opener and the final track require a bit more for me personally, but for those that like more minimalistic and repetitive music, it would be up their alley. I feel the direction to take is influenced by the track “Un salto dichoso hacia la Eternidad” as it offers something else and is concise and to the point.

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