On May 4 n5MD team up with Time Released Sound to bring about the reissue, this time on vinyl, of Porya Hatami & Arovane’s “Kaziwa”. Originally released by Time Released Sound in, this reissue sees two editions of 200 on n5MD and 50 copies on Time Released Sound. The n5MD version will be on gold with black splatter, while the TRS version will be one of their typically unique handmade versions which are described as “Each record to be slipped in between a folded, almost life-sized vintage tri-fold spinal X-ray. Each of these mysterious images is centre holed like the album itself and is then threaded with gold thread through the outer, hand coloured, aerosol shot and stamped black disco sleeve. Each of these sleeves are hand worked and will be uniquely golden. A hand printed insert with also accompany each record.”

A video has been produced which you can check out below to hear the organically glitchy ambience of the track “Unn” as well as a track posted up on soundcloud around the time of the original release.

For this and other n5MD releases such as their forthcoming Winterlight and OKADA release go to n5MD or check out Time Released Sound.

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