From The Mouth Of The Sun – Sleep Stations.

From The Mouth Of The Sun is the transnational duo of Aaron Martin (United States) and Dag Rosenqvist (Sweden). Their latest release "Sleep Stations" was a cassette release on Lost Tribe Sound through their Dead West series (following on from releases by William Ryan Fritch and Seabuckthorn). It is a fitting relationship between musicians and … Continue reading From The Mouth Of The Sun – Sleep Stations.

Daisuke Miyatani – Diario.

The latest release from Japanese label Schole Inc. is a re-issue of an album initially released in 2007. Judging by the press release, this is an important release to the Schole staff and gave a definition for the label, which had its first release in the same year this originally came out. You could say … Continue reading Daisuke Miyatani – Diario.

Constellation Tatsu x 4: Alex Crispin, Chihei Hatakeyama, Endurance, Lunaria.

The latest batch of releases from Oakland, California-based Constellation Tatsu label came out on May 15th. Constellation Tatsu has been putting out releases since 2012 and have seen luminaries such as Celer, Hakobune, Chihei Hatekayama, Alexandre Navarro, Panabrite and others pass through its predominantly cassette released catalogue. The current Spring Batch 2018 features the following: … Continue reading Constellation Tatsu x 4: Alex Crispin, Chihei Hatakeyama, Endurance, Lunaria.

Forthcoming: Suumhow – Crash_Reports.

n5MD have announced their latest signing Suumhow which are a mysteriously unknown Brussels based duo who contacted the label through Soundcloud. Their debut "Crash_Reports" is due sometime mid year. The label states that: "Their tunes could've easily been included on our inaugural releases MD1 and MD2 and they have the propensity to run everything they've … Continue reading Forthcoming: Suumhow – Crash_Reports.

Will Samson – A Baleia.

"A Baleia" is the most recent release from Brussels based UK artist Will Samson released on the Dauw label and follows on from his participation in the recent Illuminines "#2 Reworks" album. Translated from Portuguese meaning "The Whale", the twenty-two minute release features Benoit Pioulard, Beatrijs De Klerk, Brumes and Matt Resovich (The Album Leaf). … Continue reading Will Samson – A Baleia.

In Brief: A look back Pt. 1.

I get a lot of submissions for this blog. Some are for existing releases and others are forthcoming. Trying to get the balance in order of reviewing them becomes tricky. These releases are ones that came out late last year that (mostly) have been received this year.The idea is to cover them before they are … Continue reading In Brief: A look back Pt. 1.

Anne Garner – Not Home.

Singles are not much of a commodity in the Electronica/Ambient/Drone/Modern Classical/Insert Genre Here, as they are for say, Hardcore Punk. The artists and labels tend to look to full lengths or Ep's and, if releases are smaller, they usually are stand alone ones. That is why this digital single from Slowcraft Records artist Anne Garner … Continue reading Anne Garner – Not Home.

Ian Hawgood and Danny Norbury – Faintly Recollected / Ian Hawgood and Giulio Aldinucci – Consequence Shadows.

After a long time as friends and in ways as collaborators (Black Elk and Kinder Scout) and with Danny contributing to a number of Home Normal releases, the debut collaboration is "Faintly Recollected". According to the press release / text by P*dis/Inpartmaint's Shinsaku Osaku:"Faintly Recollected" is originally a single long track (33 minutes) that has … Continue reading Ian Hawgood and Danny Norbury – Faintly Recollected / Ian Hawgood and Giulio Aldinucci – Consequence Shadows.

Porya Hatami & Arovane – Kaziwa.

"Kaziwa" - the second collaboration between Iranian Ambient Experimental Composer Porya Hatami and Sound designer Uwe Zahn (aka Arovane) was originally release on digipak and deluxe cd edition in 2016 by Time released Sound. This re-release comes via the n5MD label (which shares a similar emphasis on sound and design) and is the first time … Continue reading Porya Hatami & Arovane – Kaziwa.