As a follow up to his 2018 album “Far Away Music” album on Preserved Sound, Benjamin Louis Brody has released the single “Oscillations” on the New York based Susan Records label, described as being “trance-inducing… for two trombones and synth”

Musically, Brody previously recorded under the name Flow State, worked with drummer Ian Chang, composers Philip Glass, Elliott Goldenthal, Tom Waits as well as a Hip Hop Brass band the Pitchblak Brass Band.

“Born in Paterson, New Jersey, now Brooklyn based, Benjamin Louis Brody has been described as one of the most progressive and multi-faceted musicians in New York City. Best known for creating beautiful walls of sound with ambient textures, combining post-rock and modern minimalism to create a dynamic resonance with his listeners.”

“Oscillations” is a seven minute piece that sounds like waves and waves of a kaleidoscope of flickering sounds crashing upon each other. After a relatively peaceful beginning of enveloping sounds that feel like billowing backwards loops of fractured sound, which changes to feel like they are constantly flowing, flickering and folding upon itself giving a rippling feel.

Trombone adds a nice counterpoint to the electronics with a strong and rich drone which runs through the center of the track with a quality that is both emotional and moody, but at odds with the rather frantic and insistent manipulated synth sounds. Brody utilizes strong textural sounds, near-silence and harmonies to construct the piece that sounds like both a call to arms and a scream of alert. The Trombone holds it’s shapes while the synths vary from hypnotic to hyperspeed in their unfurling.

The insistence of the music lets off towards the end of the track where it becomes more subdued, the pace lessens and the sounds can reveal themselves with a bit more clarity before being swallowed up.

“Oscillations” is a great addition to Brody’s work. The sound quality is excellent with the nuances of the music apparent to the listeners with the tonal differences of Trombone and synths being highlighted. Recommended.

You can get “Oscillations” released on June 18 from Here.

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