I know very little about the artist that records under the name The Horizon Bleeds, other than their name is Tariq Chrysostomou, they are based in Stockholm, Sweden and judging by the projects name, a fan of This Mortal Coil (the track “The Horizon Bleeds and Sucks It’s Thumb” is from the “Filigree and Shadow” album).

Tariq stated this in an email to me: “I mainly use a guitar and a piano along with field recordings, make tape loops and run them through guitar pedals. It’s more of a musical texture and repetitive due to the fact I experiment with tape loops, but that’s what I like myself.

“Aimless” there is very much a submerged quality to the music. It’s like a howl of wind that engulfs all sound and buries it deep, so that you have to pull back the layers to peak through. In a way this can engage the listener to concentrate a bit more to decipher it, but can also detract from the music as details contained can be missed or obscured. The looping nature of the music is evident with the regular cyclical nature of the sounds providing the melody that runs through the core of the track from the start to its dying breath. It would be great to hear a cleaner version, as the layers and textures would be more apparent.

“A Place For Children” icy tones, field recordings, clicking rhythms and long drones make for a relatively minimal piece. It’s not that there is little going in, its more that the music remains consistent with little fluctuations. The drones are the purely flowing elements, while the field recordings of the children mentioned in the title loop in and out. It could possibly use a bit more variation to be more engaging.

I am not sure whether or not these are Chrysostomou’s debut recordings, but if they are, there are positive signs, mainly in the opener. I personally prefer music to be a bit cleaner as it can reveal all the intricacies, depth and textures, but this may just be sound he is aiming for, which if so is paired nicely with the cover art. I am curious as to what the Ep due out in September will sound like and whether this style featured on this release will remain, or will the sounds come more into focus.

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