Tangent – Approaching Complexity.

Tangent are the Netherlands based duo of Ralph van Reijendam and Robbert Kok. "Approaching Complexity" is their fourth album (and second for n5MD after 2016's "Collapsing Horizon") which sees the duo expanding their sound with recurring piano motifs finding a way into their ambience and beats. A standard definition of a Tangent is for something … Continue reading Tangent – Approaching Complexity.


Klangriket – Tjärn.

Swedish musician Fabian Rosenberg returns to the Peruvian label Piano and Coffee Records who put out his collaborative release with Sjor Mans. "Tjarn" (limited to 50 cd'r's/Digital) which translates to "Pool" is an archival release of sorts with the tracks contained on this eighteen minute Ep dating from 2016. "Back in 2016, Fabian Rosenberg was … Continue reading Klangriket – Tjärn.

Forthcoming: Boy is Fiction + Ghosts of Tyto Alba – A Single Beam Of Light.

With forthcoming albums from Tangent ("Approaching Complexity", October 5), Fall Therapy ("You Look Different", October 19) and Alex Rigaud ("Transformation", November 2), Oakland, CA based label n5MD have announced of the collaborative release from Australia's Boy Is Fiction and American artist Chris Schafer from Lights Out Asia under his new Ghosts Of Tyto Alba guise, … Continue reading Forthcoming: Boy is Fiction + Ghosts of Tyto Alba – A Single Beam Of Light.

Forthcoming: Akira Kosemura – Yearbook.

Schole Records, home to the likes of recently reviewed releases from Jochen Tiberius Koch, Tim Linghaus, Daisuke Miyatani, Flica and of course label boss Akira Kosemura, have announced the release of the digital Ep "Yearbook". "Yearbook" which is co-released with 1631 Recordings and features two alternative versions of the tracks "Armour" and "Shadow" alongside the … Continue reading Forthcoming: Akira Kosemura – Yearbook.

Mathieu Lamontagne – Obsolescence Programmée / Mikael Lind – Strings and Clusters.

The two albums that wrap up part three of the 21st of September releases come from the Canadian label Polar Seas Recordings. Polar Seas Recordings is run by Brad Deschamps who is part of North Atlantic Drift (with Mike Abercrombie) and who also records under the name Anthéne and also under the name Bradley Sean … Continue reading Mathieu Lamontagne – Obsolescence Programmée / Mikael Lind – Strings and Clusters.

m.cadoo & p.stephan – ujat-jhem.

"ujat-jehm" is a digital only collaborative release from two long time friends Mike Cadoo (Bitcrush, Dryft, n5MD Records) and Paul Stephan (Xoloder). The release is almost a tag team type effort where one builds upon the others work and possibly takes the music in another direction. This is best explained below, but the credits listing … Continue reading m.cadoo & p.stephan – ujat-jhem.

Bruno Sanfilippo – InTRO / kj – ex.

September 21 (plus or minus a day) brought varied releases from both the artists featured in this post as well as others who will feature in following posts. From the electronic meets piano soundscapes of Bruno Sanfilippo, to the darkened rumble of kj, the futurist ambience of Mathieu Lamontagne, the orchestral works of Mikael Lund … Continue reading Bruno Sanfilippo – InTRO / kj – ex.

Covarino/Incorvaia – Chiodi.

"Chiodi" (Italian for nails) is the third album of Italian improvising duo of Francesco Covarino and Alessandro Incorvaia following from "Granada" (Whitelabrec) and "Perugia" (UK label Preserved Sound, which is the same label as is "Chiodi"). The album once more is a guitar and drums improv duo. However, this time they set about creating an … Continue reading Covarino/Incorvaia – Chiodi.

Caught In The Wake Forever & glacis – Version & Dileneation.

If the names Fraser McGowan, Euan Millar-McMeeken and Porya Hatami are not in your collection, then this a perfect time to rectify the situation. Better known as Caught In The Wake Forever and glacis, McGowan and Millar- McMeeken respectively are not strangers to each other, with Caught In The Wake Forever appearing on Millar-McMeeken's Mini50 … Continue reading Caught In The Wake Forever & glacis – Version & Dileneation.