Swedish musician Fabian Rosenberg returns to the Peruvian label Piano and Coffee Records who put out his collaborative release with Sjor Mans. “Tjarn” (limited to 50 cd’r’s/Digital) which translates to “Pool” is an archival release of sorts with the tracks contained on this eighteen minute Ep dating from 2016.

Back in 2016, Fabian Rosenberg was attempting to find, for the very first time, his voice as a composer and producer. He wanted to become familiar with the piano and to create an identity away from the trumpet and jazz. The result of this exploration was a collection of four instrumental pieces rooted in contemporary classical music, with ambient textures, and electronic and experimental resources.

“Elin” opening with rainy field recordings with distant drones, fractured sounds and buzzing violin, the music takes shape with minimal piano parts that sound as if it’s the strings being played rather than the keys. Trumpet, that sounds like it has been swallowed up by a breeze and the sounds of the instrument are scattered around while violin manages to weave its way in tandem with a layer of howling sound and one of mournfulness. A nice relaxed pace makes the track contemplative in nature.

“Björk” ventures into experimental electronica textures with Morse code like sounds and flickering glitches before natural sounding piano glides across. The piano has the dual sound of the melodic keys and percussive nature of the recording process. The music switches sound and ventures into valleys of wind-swept ambience, while still having the Morse code opening buried in the mix. This particular part of the track manages to mix the modern classical inclinations of Rosenberg with the ambient territory nicely.

“Lusterö” brings forth a stripped back solo piano track with an intimate sound that reveals more about the sound in the room rather than close miked piano. Slow paced, the music feels deeply personal as if it is an autobiographical piece or an ode composed specifically for someone special. It’s the type of piano track that you can’t help but enjoy to listen to. There is no rush, no over finessing, just music played from the heart.

“Skogsrå” comprising close to half the Ep’s length coming in at over seven minutes long, the track which translates to “Forest Raw”, sees a combination of the styles heard on the other tracks, but in a more experimental sound art direction. Electronics, ambience, piano and for the first time beats form the core of the track. Like the others, Rosenberg is interested in utilizing a relaxed pace to make sure the music is unhurried. It is minimal in style, but not absent in the elements that make it up. With an echoic quality, the track has a strong eerie mood throughout. The second half of the track sees the music soar with additional instruments and soundscapes which work well with the opening chilled feel.

“Tjärn” is a welcome addition to both Rosenberg and Piano and Coffee’s catalogs and shows an artist that is notice boxed into a particular style and one that is fluid in his music making. The duration may only be eighteen minutes in length, but the music will stay with you longer that.

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