Zoltan Fecso – Shimmer Raga.

Zoltan Fecso is a Melbourne, Australia based musician whose album "Shimmer Raga" was released by Seattle, Washington label Hush Hush Records on cassette (linited to 50 copies) and Digital. The release is composed using guitar, piano, light percussion and vibraphone. Fesco states that it's "A nod to the 1970's minimalist composers like Steve Reich and … Continue reading Zoltan Fecso – Shimmer Raga.

n5MD Records interview with Mike Cadoo.

  If you have been following this blog then you would have noticed n5MD's releases popping up on a semi regular basis this year. Their releases for 2018 have included the likes of Winterlight, Porya Hatami & Arovane, Stray Theories, Ocoeur, Suumhow, Dreissk and Okada, with forthcoming releases coming from Tangent, Fall Therapy and Axel … Continue reading n5MD Records interview with Mike Cadoo.

Christopher Whitley – Heavy Sleepers.

It's hard not to form ideas about an artists sound from reading a description in an email. Christopher Whitley mentioned that he is an Austin, Texas-based Canadian Violinist and Electronic musician. With an instrument such as violin (or cello or piano for that matter) it can lead you to a fairly generic idea of what … Continue reading Christopher Whitley – Heavy Sleepers.

Slowcraft Records Interview with James Murray.

From time to time I like to shine light on labels and the people that run them. I am intrigued about their histories, inspiration and what their futures might bring. Ahead of the release of his new album "Falling Backwards" on Home Normal on September 14, this installment is with James Murray of Slowcraft Records. … Continue reading Slowcraft Records Interview with James Murray.

Theo Alexander – Broken Access.

Theo Alexander, Prague based UK composer has appeared on these pages before with the early version of "Palliative" covered ahead of its inclusion on this album. For the uninitiated Alexander has been releasing music on labels such as Blank Editions and 1631 Recordings. "Broken Access" was released back in April on UK label Luau Records. … Continue reading Theo Alexander – Broken Access.

A-Sun Amissa – Ceremony In The Stillness.

A-Sun Amissa is one of the projects helmed by Gizeh Records boss Richard Knox (who also runs the Smiling Paper Ghosts Design and Art Company as well as Death Rattle Press). A-Sun Amissa has had a cavalcade of contributors over the projects five albums including members from Nadja, Tomorrow We Sail, Hundred Year Old Man, Shield … Continue reading A-Sun Amissa – Ceremony In The Stillness.

In Brief: Stringmodulator – Manifesto.

I get sent a decent amount of music to review. Not all fits in the rather narrow genre confines that define this blog. One such release is by Stringmodulator on the Submarine Broadcasting Company called "Manifesto". Released on cd and digital with impressive packaging. The music blurs genre lines with experimentalism, krautrock, Sountrackesque Sounds to … Continue reading In Brief: Stringmodulator – Manifesto.