Today is the release date for the first of two digital singles from Yuki Murata’s forthcoming fourth album “Piano Fantasia” which will be released on November 1 on the Japanese Ricco label. The label which is run by the band Anoice (of which she is a member) has been home to the likes of Sontag Shogun, Takahiro Kido, Films and other artists. Murata herself is a member of diverse projects such as the previously mentioned cinematic instrumental band Anoice, the dark classical group Films and alternative rock band RiLF.


“This single ‘red owl’ includes her outstanding gift for composing music, which left her name in the history books of the three major international film festivals; Cannes, Berlin, and Venezia, and for her skill in playing the piano that has brought her many awards in competitions such as PTNA Grand Muse and The International Piano Duo Contest.”

While the album as a whole features the while array of instruments such as Violin, Viola, Organ, Cello to name but a few, the first single “Red Owl” is a piano only track. I have mentioned in the past about my lack of musical knowledge, so please excuse my use of descriptive terms instead of those bound by musical training. After a delicate opening of contemplative piano”Red Owl” really starts to take its shape as a piece of music with its confident and rolling playing. You feel as if you are being taken on a journey that involves twists, turns, inclines and descents. The musical tone balances between sections of fragility, passages of romantic playing and the strong confidence that becomes the hallmark of the piece. For some reason I am reminded of Michael Nyman’s soundtrack to “The Piano”. Having not heard Anoice or Films, I hazard a guess that this could be a result of her background in both classical and cinematic music, that inspires her to write and play in such a way that is large-scale and visual in nature. The music has all the hallmarks of a movie score with its depth, narrative feel, the tone and overall clarity of the playing.

So far I have just listened to this particular track and look forward to what the rest of the album will bring. The next single “Bird Sings A Lullaby” will be released on October 8. I know the world of modern classical can be a busy one in relation to number of artists and releases, thankfully the majority of it is quite breath-taking. This is no exception. Recommended.

The track is available for pay what you want.


You can pre-order the album (with bonus gifts) below.


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