The second and final single for the forthcoming Yuki Murata album “Piano Fantasia”  on the Ricco Label is released today. “Bird Sings A Lullaby” like the album’s first single “Red Owl” is a solo piano piece. However, with “Bird Sings A Lullaby” the tone of the track is quite different.

While “Red Owl” had a certain romanticism that was woven throughout the track, with “Bird Sings a Lullaby” a ghostly fragility is noted. The piano tone is ice cold with a certain amount of reverb coming from the instrument which enhances this cold and ghostly feel. The keys have a sharp, but shimmering tone while also being quite minimal and the way that Murata moves across the piano gives you the impression of someone that is gently, almost barely touching the keys. As a piece of music it is slowly played which allows the notes time to breathe and gives Murata the time to move over the music territory, which in some respects hints at her Post Rock background. The track finishes with a separate field recording of rain before fading into silence.

Both of  these singles offer different sounds for the listener to engage with and should entice potential listeners to seek out more. “Piano Fantasia” is due out on November 1.


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