Jonas Hain is a 27-year-old Berlin based Pianist and composer who released his debut 8 track album “Solopiano” back on April 20th of this year. October 19 sees his new single released called “MMXV” and is well worth the listen from an exciting new talent. In an interview with Contemplative Classical Hain mentions about his early fascination with electronic music, ideas in becoming a techno DJ and synthesizers and how he wasn’t interested in classical music until his early twenties. Having studied from a young age it wasn’t till 2012 that during an internship at a studio of a film score composer, he reconnected with piano and started taking lessons once more, culminating in a degree at the Abbey Road Institute.

After a period of time becoming overwhelmed by musical knowledge and the possibilities of the studio resulting in writer’s block, Hain moved slightly out of Berlin armed only with the piano and created his debut album. The single “MMXV” converts from Roman Numerals to 2015 and I can only guess that this may be a reference to a pivotal time in his life or that the year itself was important to him.

The track shows the balance in his life between electronic and modern classical music as elements of electronica are woven into the fabric of the modern classical DNA of the track. It’s a perfect case study in how to successfully combine two essentially separate sounding genres in a seamless fashion. The analog and digital coming together. The piano is the heart of the track, the source of movement and the listeners focal point, while the electronics are the accents that are added to add color, different tonalities and slightly twist the narrative of the track. The electronics also act as signposts that illuminate changes with the track and provide cues for the direction it takes. The naturalist sounding piano is played with a deftness with it having a distant and also melancholic feel to it.

The video (which I recommend you watch below) perfectly demonstrates the two elements of the track with its mirrored imaging and the footage of movement is exactly the feeling your glean from the music. Although mercifully brief at 2 minutes and 36 seconds, the track is rather tantalizing as it leaves you wanting more. If this is a taste of what to expect with Hain’s second album, I can’t wait to hear it. Recommended.

You can order the single through Apple

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