n5MD have just announced the signing of Jason van Wyk to their roster. Back when I did the interview with Mike Cadoo there was a mention of a South African signing, which I was hopeful was van Wyk. Jason van Wyk previously released music in the trance and more electronic veins, but it was his albums “Attachment” (Eilean Rec 2016, Home Normal 2017) and “Opacity” (Home Normal 2017 – one of the Twenty Best from 2017) that grabbed a lot of peoples attention.

The label has this to say about van Wyk: “South African composer/producer Jason van Wyk has been conspicuously blending electronic and acoustic elements into his brand of electro-acoustic works for over a decade in his hometown of Capetown. 2004 is when van Wyk’s musical drop in the pond began with eps, remixes, and compilation appearances, reverberating out from there with the release of the full-length Days You Remember (2013) where van Wyk displayed his adeptness at mixing neoclassical with the forward motion of ought-era experimental electronica. Next in rapid succession came the albums Attachment (2016) and Opacity (2017). Both of which saw release on Ian Hawgood’s Home Normal imprint. These albums are considered to be more minimalist offerings diving deeper into the neoclassical end of the ambient pond, the ripples blurring even further away. Jason van Wyk is currently hard at work on his n5MD debut slated for 2019 release where we then get to witness what might be the furthest ripples in the pond yet…”

For those who were entranced by either “Attachment” or “Opacity”, or a fan of n5MD’s output, the news should provide fans with a release that will be very much anticipated

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