“Holocene”, released today December 14, is the first introduction to the forthcoming “Refuge” album by Sylvain Texier aka Ô Lake. It also, for me and I am sure for anyone that checks out the video below, heralds a new talent.

“To give a name to his new musical project, Sylvain Texier found the inspiration in one of the most famous poems in French literature: “The Lake ” by Alphonse de Lamartine. With “Ô Lake” the French composer reconnected with his contemplative passions, where the themes dear to his heart are harmoniously gathered. Here, his fascination for the nature and his relation to the passing of time are combined. With a genuine sound poetry, the musician drives us to new beautiful shores where the words are absent, and he offers us some comforting pieces and raw emotions.”

When music is done well it is effortlessly good. When it is done extremely well it makes the audience divert their attention in from anything else. This was the case for me as I checked out the private stream while the files downloaded. Texier blends modern classical with electronica which is nothing new, but its the way that he makes the piece seamless between these two distinct styles that makes it breath-taking. Suited for headphone listening the piece has moments of quiet where you seek out low-level piano, natural recording states and beats that are subtle enough to not be over powering, yet draw your attention as they skitter from ear to ear. Featuring Paul Rouger (violin – Les Solistes Francaise) and David Harlé (cello – Ensemble Philéas) as well as mastering by Zino Mickorey (Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds), this track whets the appetite and the album will be one of the most anticipated releases of early 2019. “Refuge” will be released on February 1st through Patchrock/Night-Night/Believe on CD/ Digital.

Find out more about Ô Lake here.

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