Art by Claire Lefebvre

Melbourne, Australia based musician Zoltan Fecso issues his follow-up to “Shimmer Raga” (Hush Hush, 2018) with “Silken Wave” on the Portuguese label The Slow Music Movement. It sees him paired up once more with Berlin based, Melbourne artist Claire Lefebvre’s artwork and further explores his own musical instrument, the augmented guitar.

“For our first release of 2019 we welcome the pointillism inspired, augmented guitar enabled, electro-acoustic, rhythmic ambient soundscapes of Zoltan Fecso. These two tracks totalling just over 18 minutes are made all the more remarkable by the fact they were created live on his instrument (check this video for an insight), rather than painstakingly sequenced whilst hunched in front of a computer screen for weeks. Silken Wave gradually reveals the meticulously crafted beauty of its pointillistic structure, slowly but surely warms you like a summer sunrise and leaves you with a similar feeling of well-being. Whilst undoubtedly sitting on the shoulders of the ambient legends & with an unintentional nod to Detroit’s most atmospheric creations, this is the sound of an artist getting comfortable in his own skin and being finally able to articulate his vision in eloquent and compelling fashion.”

The release is split into two tracks clocking in between eight and ten minutes in length. With rather minimalist means sometimes music can feel like ideas are a bit thin. But with both these tracks there is a fluid, ever-moving sound that is constantly evolving which hearkens back to, but does not ape Markus Popp’s Oval experimentations of the mid to  late 90’s and early 00’s. Each track has its own sound which makes both engaging. “Silken” for example is underpinned by a fractured rhythm which draws the listener in and subtly works under the gossamer flickering glitch like tones above it. There is a slight muted melancholy haze like feel to the music that would be best listen to on a cloud free, sunny, but not too hot of a day. “Wave” on the other hand is more rooted in the glitchy experimental style and has a denser sound scape. The sounds are not too sharp, but this slightly muted feel and the submerged sound give a dream like state. The pace of this track is the polar opposite of “Silken” and is energetic without being frantic. This is the perfect sort of music for headphone listening and would be interesting to see how, using his augmented guitar exactly how the music is constructed.

There is an evolution in Fecso’s work that feels quite different to “Shimmer Raga” which enables this release to stand by itself, rather than just a continuation of what has come before it. The bite size Ep is perfect and also imperfect as it brings focus to the two pieces, but leaves you wanting more. Perfect to put on repeat.

“Silken Wave” is available digitally from The Slow Music Movement.


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