The latest release on the Italian based KrysaliSound label is a collaborative piece between musician and label boss Francis M. Gri, painter Andrea Scodellaro and video maker Alisa Javits. The result is a highly limited Cd that is accompanied by a unique framed painting by Scodellaro that is limited to only 9 copies.

“For many years, June 8 is the World Ocean Day, a day dedicated to honoring, protecting and safeguarding the seas of our planet, which are now increasingly intoxicated by pollution and plastic. A celebration that should never reflect as it is now. KrysaliSound has always been attentive to these issues trying to minimize the use of plastic and producing packaging made of recycled paper or FSC certified paper.

“B/ue” is a collective project dedicated to this day with the aim of sensitizing man to have more respect for a planet that despite our violence gives us every day everything we need to live. We have long since crossed the thin line that separated us from being civilized people, now overwhelmed by greed and selfishness. It would be enough to take a step back, to understand that we are not special and that there is a connection between us and nature … the Earth is our home and without it we would not exist.”

If I were to use a one word to describe this piece I originally would have been leaning with electroacoustic. Gri who I last heard with his collaboration with Frederico Mosconi (“Between Ocean and Sky”, Slowcraft Presents, 2018) works more towards a textural piece rather than one wholly rooted within a genre. Distant crackles, drones that move spherically with an overall cold feeling. That said, the piece over its thirty minute journey moves over a sonic terrain that is best highlight around the fifteen minute mark when repetitive beats and shimmering piano lines make their presence known and elevate the piece. The last half of the track ventures further into exploratory cavernous sounds creating an uneasy feeling, before beats once more signal a change into hazy and dark staticly affected environments.

If you are looking to theme of the day on which it was released channeled through into the various art – music/painting/video then I am not sure of the qualities that they all share. The music in some ways pulses like waves of sound. The paintings look like water nymphs and the video is rather abstract, which like the music has juxtaposition throughout it. Of course the more blatant and obvious way would to include field recordings of water and visuals of pollution and waste, so maybe the artists are trying to conjure or convey a theme or feeling without stating the obvious to the audience?

Much like all art, the story that each individual extracts from the art will lead the audience to make up their own particular understanding.

“B/ue” is available on highly limited Cd/painting and Digital.


B/ue from Alisa Javits on Vimeo.


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