Hammock Music have announced the forthcoming release of the very much long awaited third album from The Ascent of Everest. Born out of a community of like minded individuals, the band has been around for almost a decade and half and have released previous material on labels such as Future Music. This particular release began in 2012 when the band stepped into the studio to record a follow up to 2010’s “From This Vantage”. However a string of bad luck such as illnesses, cancelled tours, the demolition of theirs and others spiritual home – a haunted mansion thought to be formerly owned by the Catholic Church, set them back. August 16 sees them finally unleash their third opus with a single , the epic “Aimless” being released today, June 21. In the meantime you can check out the teaser video below.

“The Ascent of Everest formed in Nashville, Tennessee during the spring of 2005. Some might even suggest that fate had a hand in its inception when cellist Casey Kaufman asked composer Devin Lamp to join a yet unnamed new project one week before their first gig. Against the odds, these rehearsals quickly yielded the material that would serve as the basis of their debut record.

The band continued to evolve, fueled by a love of making emotionally devastating music and a desire to push past the boundaries of genre limitation. Excited by the potential and freedom of modern music technology, the band explored its fascination with 21st century classical music, electronica, shoegaze, ambient, kraut-rock, metal, all things psychedelic and the deeply avant garde with one goal in mind: synthesizing the music of the future.”

The opening single, the seven minute “Aimless” gives a good peak into the journey the rest of the album will take the listener on, but also offers one of the sides, but not the whole story of the album. It’s anthemic and epic post rock that manages to steer clear of the tropes that this particular genre can easily  fall into. At times crushing, at others soaring with a balance of guitars that can easily slide from tremolo sounding ambient accents to the heavier and down tuned riffs of their post metal peers. Strings help guide the music through the movements and add an additional layer, rather than just as a background instrument. The band are very much capable at holding back the tension and letting it go when required, as well being able to create atmospheres that have a swirling feel to them. Vocals are essential to the piece, but remain somewhat hidden in the mix which draws the listeners attention in, rather than have them being overpowering. For the time being it should hopefully whet the appetite until the album drops in full.

You can pre-order the album on Double LP/ CD and Digital as well as stream the single here:



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