“After the release of his critically acclaimed last album” In The Dark Woods” (2017) and his Ep’s “Yearbook” (2018) and “In Moonlight” (March, 2019), Akira Kosemura unveils with his new EP “Romance”, three brand new minimalist piano pieces reminding Philip Glass, Nils Frahm or Max Richter. This solo piano collection is inspired by the delicate, sensitive and subtle emotions between the lovers in a pale summer love.”

Let’s just state the obvious. Any time is a good time for new Akira Kosemura music. The Japanese artist has a busy couple of years with the aforementioned releases as well as scoring for television and of course his involvement in the Schole label. This short, but sweet Ep clocks in at just over six minutes in length and features the tracks “Romance”, “In The Middle Of The Bridge” and “Reach For The Sky”.

Being a solo piano ep can easily render the music too similar and in this case you would imagine that all were recorded at the same time, as they share a similar piano sound. The difference is within the movements of each track. The title track does what it say it is going to do. You can easily see a piece such as this being used in a montage scene in a film to help illustrate a love story. There is a certain tone and feel to the piece that makes it very much narrative driven and it’s one that never dips into melancholia or moodiness. There is also a contented feeling behind the piece that comes across assuredly.  Maybe it is the pace of “In The Middle Of The Bridge” that leads me to think this is an introspective piece, or maybe it’s the flowing and repeating motif’s. Whatever the case, this track feels like it is based upon a memory of the past and not part of the present part of the relationship (If we are looking in purely Romantic situations). Despite only being  a few seconds shorter than “Romance” there is a feeling of brevity with the piece. The confidence that was maybe missing in “In The Middle Of The Bridge” returns with “Reach For The Sky” which musically falls in between the other two pieces in terms of emotion and feeling. There is a darker tone to the piece and there is a balance of both introspection and melancholy, but without it leaning to one particular side. The main feeling I get from the piece is rather than just being a solo piano piece, it feels like it’s essence is in solitude. It’s the sort of piece that I imagine would be recorded late at night, no one around and the lights down low.

Since his last album Kosemura has released ten tracks over his various Ep’s and singles which assist in keeping his presence known all the while increasing expectations for a new album. Hopefully 2020 will deliver one. “Romance” is available Digitally via Schole and 1631 Recordings.

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