Amparo – Dark Sky City.

"'Dark Sky City' is my way of remembering and recalling memories of years spent in the Arizona mountains and desert valleys. Each track carries with it a connection to a special place or adventure that helped guide me to where I am today. The warmth that emanates from each guitar recorded in the ep is … Continue reading Amparo – Dark Sky City.

Hammock – Silencia.

Hammock have been one of those groups that I have intended to deep dive for sometime. Prior to this release my only real interaction I had with the Nashville duo was a compilation called "An Introduction to Hammock" which from memory was a short lived sampler download from their bandcamp page which compiled tracks from … Continue reading Hammock – Silencia.

Shida Shahabi – Shifts.

The 130701 label has a history of discovering new artists and exposing them to a larger audience. Artists like Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch, Dmitry Evgrafov, Resina and Shida Shahabi have joined the likes of Max Richter, Jóhan Jóhannsson and Hauschka in the label's catalog. Shida Shahabi is one of the label's most recent discoveries with her debut … Continue reading Shida Shahabi – Shifts.