Recently reviewed in these pages, the “Home” album by Lorenzo Masotto (Dronarivm, Lady Blunt Records, Sonder House, Alfa Music, Preserved Sound) is being toured throughout Europe and the US/Canada this year with more dates to be added.

“A pianist and composer based in Italy, his musical journey began when he took up the piano at the age of nine. He graduated from the Conservatory of Verona and studied at the Hochscule für Music Liszt in Weimar, Germany. After years spent studying composition and jazz he continued his journey, diving into prog and post-rock and founding Le Maschere di Clara. The experimental violin/drums/piano trio has released four albums.

He has also worked on original soundtracks for theater and film and composed two original soundtracks for short films: “Giulia” in 2015 (directed by Carlo Perassi) and “Paradox” in 2016 (directed by Nicolò Filippozzi). His piece Chrono has been selected for a documentary film about Toronto directed by Alexandra Anderson and produced by Ryerson University that was presented at the Toronto Film Festival in 2019.

His music is a journey into a hybrid and complex world and has been acknowledged by international media such as the BBC and KEXP. He is constantly searching and produces tirelessly, inspired by Nature, in which he often takes refuge.”

Lorenzo Masotto - Home (Cover)

The dates thus far are:

Mar 5th – Resonance, Montreal (CA)
Mar 9th – Mercury Lounge, New York (USA)
Mar 21st – Garden Wonder, Budapest (HU)
Mar 26th – Ponava Cafe, Brno (CZ)
Mar 27th – Valdstejnska Loggie, Jičín (CZ)
Apr 12th – ONO, Bern (CH)
Apr 18th – Larry’s Corner, Stockholm (SE)
Apr 24th – Oratorio San Nicolò, Colognola ai Colli (IT)
Oct 5th – Rechenzentrum, Postdam (DE)

The tour and shows are sure to be great. If you live in these areas the shows will be worth checking out.



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