Visionary Hours is the recording name for British artist Hayden Berry who runs the Preserved Sound label. “Coalescence of Form” his fifth album follows on from release on the Hibernate label and his own imprint. His relationship with Hidden Vibes goes back to being the first person to release Hidden Vibes boss Oleksiy Sakevych’s Endless Melancholy project back in 2012. Sakevych returns the favour with Berry’s latest release, one which sees the artist moving away from the cast of thousands approach that “Beyond The White” had with more of a drone influenced feel to the proceedings. Berry doesn’t feel like the type of artist that wants to stay too long with the music that he has done in the past, rather it comes across as if each album is a stepping stone in the evolution of the Visionary Hours name.

There is a certain aspect I notice when artists run labels as they spend much of their time working with other artists and focusing their attention on putting out new music which means their releases are staggered over time.By this happening, there is a tendency for more thought and deliberation put into each release than those artists that put out vast amounts hopping from label to label. This is not meant to be an insult to those artists, but I have noticed that those who release less have a higher hit rate when it comes to the quality of the music and the way that it can connect more solidly with an audience. The artists that release less may be lesser known than those pumping out release, but the quality tends to be of a higher nature.

I am taking the title to hint at the togetherness of the collection as there are no real cues when it comes to the titles of the tracks themselves. I have been trying to ascertain the emotional core of the music and I am not sure what it really is. In a way this is a breath of fresh air as it does open up the pieces. The closest thing I notice to an emotional core is a slight murkiness to pieces like the reverb soaked “Feel It Out Walk In”, the haunting drone meets (sort of) Post Rock feel of “Still At The Point” which you feel holds a bit back in regards to the sounds, begging the listener to really concentrate on the subtler textures. With “Time Keeps Me In Her Shadow” as featured below Berry features strings to create this piece that merges orchestral feelings with a drone viewpoint. The mix and mastering on this particular piece is the main reason that it works as it has this way of changing it’s presence and feel throughout the track and changes the orientation of the piece from start to finish. The final piece “Musically Discreet” tends to combine the majority of what has been heard on the album (minus the track “Zithering”) and much like “Time…” the mix is important, although in this case the music moves from being very much present at the beginning to very distant towards the end. Possibly this hints at the journey of the album and how albums when they are new can come into your life, but sometime after that they fade away while you wait for the next instalment.

With the exception of “Zithering” the album has a dark, but drifting feel which I presume is inspired by being a parent and the need for a calm soundtrack to relax to, but one that still has a significant edge. On the album Berry moves away from the guitar sound that was so string in his previous album with more attention to strings, drones and some experimental takes on sound. “Coalescence Of Form” is available on limited CD, Deluxe Cd and Digital.


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