At this point in time supporting small labels is important. With what is going on in the world including lock down, isolating and in some places institutions like the post office closing their doors, music is one of the things can provide an escape from ‘the real world’. So, I have done this post, the third of many, is designed to highlight some labels (in no particular order) and their releases that you can check out and support from the comfort of your own home that will make whatever it is you are going through that much better.


Moderna This Montreal, Québec label has been around for five years, debuting in March 2015. Their mission statement states “We’re here to trace a line from electronic sound designers to classical composers, connecting them through the realms of ambient and cinematic music.”, which they most certainly have done with a roster that has included Ed Carlsen, Daigo Hanada, Tom Adams, Richard Luke, Snorri Hallgrímsson and Mike Lazarev to name a few. One of the finest Modern / Post Classical labels around with an emphasis on quality music and presentation.





130701 You can’t under estimate the importance of this label. From their early days of Set Fire To The Flames, Max Richter, Hauschka, Johann Johannson, SylvainChauveau through to their current roster of Clarice Jensen, Shida Shahabi, Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch and Ian William Craig. Even a three year hiatus fraught with issues couldn’t stop them and has seen remain a guiding force in Modern Classical music.





Hidden Vibes is the Ukranian label run by Oleksiy Sakevych aka Endless Melancholy, Moonshine Blues. Since their beginning in November, 2011 the label has grown organically to the point where they now release deluxe versions of their albums and the occasional vinyl. Artists to have appeared on the label have included Dag Rosenqvist, Visionary Hours, Olan Mill, Hakobune, Chihei Hatakeyama and Offthesky to mention a few.




ROHS!  / Lontano Series are the Berlin based labels run by Andrea Porcu (aka Music For Sleep). Initially a dub techno inspired label, Porcu became more entranced by Ambient and has put out releases from the likes of Robert Farrugia, Coppice Halifax, Pepo Galán, Fallen and of course Music For Sleep.




Iikki Books was the sister label to Eilean Rec and formed a little over two years prior to the completion of that particular project. With Iikki Books the idea was to combine music and art with each release coming with a photo/art book with the idea to either combine both or enjoy each separately. Muysically Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer, Danny Clay, Aaron Martin, The Humble Bee & Offthesky and others have appeared. Overtime CD’s have been released alongside the vinyl. Iikki now finds itself the sister label to Laaps.





Sound  In Silence is a Greek label run by George Mastrokostas aka Absent Without Leave that will celebrate it’s fourteenth anniversary in October this year. Artists that have found their way onto the roster represent some of the finest in the underground scene including the likes of Good Weather For An Airstrike, Yellow6, Caught In The Wake Forever, The Green Kingdom, Bvdub, and many more. So many good releases to discover and enjoy.





Ambientologist is the newest label on this list at only six months old. Hailing from the Netherlands the have put four releases so far: two from Henrik Meierkord, Still Harbours (their only physical release thus far) and Antarctic Wastelands. It will be interesting to watch them grow and evolve.



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