At this point in time supporting small labels is important. With what is going on in the world including lock down, isolating and in some places institutions like the post office closing their doors, music is one of the things can provide an escape from ‘the real world’. So, I have done this post, the fourth of six, is designed to highlight some labels (in no particular order) and their releases that you can check out and support from the comfort of your own home that will make whatever it is you are going through that much better.





Lady Blunt Records is a year old Italian label with half a dozen modern classical releases available from the likes of Laura Masotto, Lorenzo Masotto, Eleuteria, Cabeki and the recent fantastic “Meditteraneo” compilation. They describe themselves as “a crafted record label based in Italy, engaged in releasing the work of great musicians and composersIt was founded by a passionate group of people willing to create a new shared space for music and promote collaborations between artists.” We are bound to hear more good things in the future.






Whitelabrec This UK based label has had a terrific run since debuting in January 2016. Run by Harry Towell aka Spheruleus the label has only had a chance to come down thanks to Covid-19. But rather than let that stop them, they have instigated a digital releases series called “Home Music” that so far has featured Mi Cosa Di Resistance and Edu Comelles. The label has been a home to the likes of Gray Acres, anthéne, Glåsbird, James Osland, James McDermid, The Prairie Lines and others.






Puremagnetik is a New York based cassette label (and software developer) who have been around for just over a year. In that time they have released six cassettes with gems in their catalog including the previously reviewed releases from Arovane, HAND, Boris Salchow and also label boss Micah Frank. Their releases are as electronic as they are experimental.







Preserved Sound is the UK based and former Polish label set up by Hayden Berry and Antonello Perfetto and now run just by Hayden who also records as Visionary Hours. Over the nine years of existence the label has continued to have a home spun magic feel to it rather than move into commercially made digipaks, etc… They started out on Cd-r and have progressed to glass mastered cd and the occasional vinyl. Their catalog is one which shows what greatness can be achieved without shouting about. Names like Endless Melancholy, Vitaly Beskrovny, Tess Said So, Aaron Martin, Adrian Lane, Lorenzo Masotto and more. “Our philosophy is simple – to release limited edition, hand-assembled albums by artists we like.Buying records is about more than just the music – although this matters very much to us too – and Preserved Sound hopes to make products that will be cherished far longer than their digital counterparts.”






Flau is a Japanese label run by Yas of aus fame. With close to thirteen years in the business and surviving traumatic series of incidences, the label continues to grow, pushing boundaries and releasing gems. Artists to appear have included Part Timer, Sylvain Chauveau, The Boats, Orla Wren, Cuushe, Ulises Conti, Henning Schmeidt and others. You can check out an interview I did here.







Schole is the Japanese label run by Akira Kosemura and Shin Kikuchi. They have put out wondrous records from the likes of Tim Linghaus, K-Conjog, Jochen Tiberius Koch, Ghost and Tape and of course Akira himself. “SCHOLE = an ancient Greek word meaning leisure Time that people can use freely and rich creativity that can be nurtured from that time “SCHOLE” is a word from ancient Greek and means “spare moment.” The word “SCHOLE” also indicates a fertile creativeness which everyone is able to develop independently in their free time.







Beacon Sound is a label and bricks and mortar store based in Portland, Oregon. Born of a frustration of having to buy records online that couldn’t be sourced locally, the shop was founded in 2011. Over that time the label of the same name has issued recordings from Derek Hunter Wilson, Amulets, Sontag Shogun, Michael A Muller, Benoit Pioulard & Sean Patrick Curtis and more. Currently shut due to Corona Virus, you can donate to their existence here.




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