I have come to the end of the series and will go back to reviewing music. Over the course of six posts some thirty eight labels have been included. These are labels who I have reviewed releases from, either directly (from the label) or indirectly (from the artist or PR company) I know there are plenty more out there, so please those support those that have been featured and all the rest. By supporting smaller labels you are contributing to a vibrant underground.



Time Released Sound Since the release of Shaula’s “The Girl In The Clock” Ep some nine years ago, Time Released Sound has been setting the bar for bespoke and insanely over the top packaging making their releases artworks in their own right and highly collectable. Artists to have graced their catalogue have included: Antonyms, Maps and Diagrams, Wil Bolton, Poraya Hatami, Strië and many more. For those just after the music there is always digital and the standard digipak versions.







A Strangely Isolated Place formed from the blog of the same name (with it’s name coming from an Ulrich Schnauss album) in 2012. The label initially released digital with the first crowd sourced release “Uncharted Places”, which included the likes of Stray Theories, Markus Gueutner, Echasketch and others. Since then the roster has grown to include 36, Arovane & Hior Chronik, Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri, Yagya and others. Regularly selling out by or on release date, you have to be quick to snap one up. Musically the label balances itself on the Ambient and Electronica spectrum.







Western Vinyl is the eclectic Austin, Texas based label that has released music from the likes of Christopher Tignor, Balmorhea, Mint Julep, Machinefabriek, Goldmund and others. With some twenty plus years in existence, they have a nice and diverse roster, being able to explore the outer limits and also the more contemporary (insert genre here) music.






Thesis is the brain child of the highly talented artist Gregory Euclide. Euclide has a very different approach to artists than most other labels where he pays the artists up front as he has strong beliefs abouyt artists being paid for their work. Each sleeve his handmade resulting in one of a kind versions of the art. There are multiple different series going on at the label which include Drive – Lengthy Compositions, Thesis Project – two artists / groups are asked to collaborate, These Print / Track -either an artist makes a piece for two musicians / groups to react to or the artist reacts to the music. Artists that have featured so far have included Endless Melancholy, Hotel Neon, Derek Hunter Wilson, Ed Carlsen, Loscil, Aaron Martin and many more.







Memory Recordings is an Italian Modern Classical label run by pianist Fabrizio Paterlini. Each artist is a pianist and Memorec (as it also known as) has a knack of choosing the right kind of artist to join their roster. They are just about to release the new Olivia Belli album in a months time,  but in the past they have released works from the likes of Dominique Charpentier, Robert Attanasio, Francesco Nigri, Andrea Carrio and Manuel Zito (as well as label boss Paterlini).






élan vital another new-ish label. This one comes from North Macedonia and is run by Toni Dimitrov of Post Global fame (Post Global Trio, Duo and Recordings). Releasing in small physical numbers, the line up has so far included Andartica, Private Mountain, Krzysztof Kotlinski and Carlo Giustini. Their ethos is “focused on obscure aspects of sound. Each release will have limited CD edition with hand numbered and stamped artwork.”






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