“Brad Deschamps lives and works in Toronto, Ontario. In addition to curating the excellent Polar Seas Recordings, he is a prolific recording artist, creating glacial post-rock in the duo North Atlantic Drift and offering drifting, dreamy compositions as anthéne. Amid a current deluge of ambient music, Brad’s work stands out for its keen emotional acuity and microscopic attention to detail.

On “Protection”, anthéne crafts elegant melodies and sets them adrift in a fog of gauzy tones, under laid with crackling textures. These heartfelt and thoughtful soundscapes reveal new facets with every listen.”

“Protection” is Brad Deschamps third release of the year following on from his “Long Formations + 4” and “Transit (split with James McDermid) releases. This album finds a home on St Louis, Missouri label Distant Bloom. I don’t know what he does as a day job, but I imagine him spending time lying on his back staring up at the sky and examining the clouds deeply. The pieces on this release could be used in vision of birds flying through the clouds, early morning dawn, the cracking through of sunlight just after a storm, etc…

There is a gentle, but still swirling feel to the piece. Slight decay or effects are noticed  which make sure the pieces are not overly melodic or whispy. Music like this in the hands of a lesser artist could make it somewhat a struggle to listen to, but if you don’t know by now, Deschamps has a definite hold on exactly how to craft engaging pieces while remaining with a minimal sound world. The final two pieces “This Corner Of The World” and “All The Wrong Things” see Deschamps push into thicker and noisier soundscapes which enables a balance throughout the album. If anything the final piece changes that awe that you feel throughout the release inside you to become quite introspective and thought provoking. Music has the ability to challenge and confront and at other times offer the chance for a pause and reflection. This is what you get with “Protection”.

“Protection” is available on Cassette (limited to 70 copies) and Digital with some of the funds going to some good causes.



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