1000 x Douce Anarchie

Today I offer the first premiere on this site. It comes from the Canadian based project Wings For Louise. Under the alias of Wings for Louise, the composer, Charly Martin, delivers a music that is both sensual and tragic, which invites listeners on a journey of introspection. Martin, originally from Toulouse, France began his musical life as a drummer for Post Rock band We All Need A Plan before moving to Montreal, Canada and starting the Echo 6 project before moving away from the down tempo, electronic sounds to a Modern Classical style which he exhibited on such Echo 6 tracks as “Eta Carinae Pt.1” or “The First Day Of The Wakening Of The Earth”. Inspired by the likes of Yann Tiersen,
Alexandra Streliski and Dominique Charpentier, Martin decided to pursue this form of music and has thus far released three single tracks and an EP. His latest piece “Douce Anarchie” drops July 3.


Wide Face (Photo By Raphaël Rivest)


Taking it’s cue and inspiration from the book “La commune de Paris” (The Paris Commune)” which is centred on the 1871 French uprising, Martin has re-framed the situation of the current Covid 19 pandemic through the experience of lock down in a small mountain village near Montreal and the contrast between those that were stoic and those that were consumed by anxiety. In describing the piece Martin states “The contrast between the ethereal verse and the more intense (but still soft) chorus provides a comparison between discipline and chaos. It symbolises a delicate barrier between these two concepts: the fragility of our civilisation that could collapse at any given moment.” The piece like Martin states is a contrast between introspection and more expressive playing which is a musical translation of the moods that influence the piece. Both elements show Martin’s ability behind the keys and the way that the piece is able to flow nicely despite it’s disparate sounds and influences. As an artist that works within the film and theatre world it makes sense that he is more than capable with exploring human emotion through music. The world of Modern Classical music is one which is like most, quite a busy field, but on this offering alone,  Martin looks like an artist that it would be interesting watching and listening to his progression in this style.

“Douce Anarchie” is a Digital release that is available from July the third.




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