Looking Backwards To Go Forwards – Part 1.

As life continues and a writing block settles in and out, I find myself yet again swamped by submissions. The next few posts will be a very brief overview of releases that may tempt you to investigate further. "A debut album from ‘Blessed Are the Hearts that Bend’ created from field recordings captured across the … Continue reading Looking Backwards To Go Forwards – Part 1.


Rinnovare – Aperturia.

The opening address of the mail I received in regards to the Rinnovare EP was about the artist himself. "Located in Kelowna , British Columbia , modern classical / ambient composer Matteo Neufeld creates worn atmospheres with layered string orchestrations , & textural ambience invoking inner reflection , still awareness & dreamy visualisation." The statement … Continue reading Rinnovare – Aperturia.

Brother Tree Sound – Interstices.

  "Brother Tree Sound’s second EP takes us on a journey to find the spaces between; of which there are many if we pause to observe them. Interstice means an intervening space, especially a very small one. The space between music and silence, the space between four musicians where their imaginations meet, spaces between microtones, … Continue reading Brother Tree Sound – Interstices.