Mandroid – Sunday Morning.

  "Summer is here. The temperatures are up and the sun roof is down, people are hot, the drinks cold, the shades are on and the layers are off. Just in time Mandroid drops his new EP of throwback soul vibes and ice chilled, smooth summer grooves. This EP is the soundtrack for all your … Continue reading Mandroid – Sunday Morning.

Rinnovare – Aperturia.

The opening address of the mail I received in regards to the Rinnovare EP was about the artist himself. "Located in Kelowna , British Columbia , modern classical / ambient composer Matteo Neufeld creates worn atmospheres with layered string orchestrations , & textural ambience invoking inner reflection , still awareness & dreamy visualisation." The statement … Continue reading Rinnovare – Aperturia.

Brother Tree Sound – Interstices.

  "Brother Tree Sound’s second EP takes us on a journey to find the spaces between; of which there are many if we pause to observe them. Interstice means an intervening space, especially a very small one. The space between music and silence, the space between four musicians where their imaginations meet, spaces between microtones, … Continue reading Brother Tree Sound – Interstices.