“Second album from American trio Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea, consisting of zakè, Marc Ertel and Damien Duque. Together they’re creating soft-textured and slowly unfolding sonic landscapes, somewhere between guitar-oriented drone music and modern classical. Liberamente is the kind of album that demands attention and patience from the listener, yet it’s ultimately a very rewarding one.

Stylistically Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea sums up several decades of American soundscape and drone music, taking threads from Windy & Carl, Auburn Lull, and Stars of the Lid then weaves them into a contemporary, and sonically adventurous whole. On the surface it suggests simplicity, but dig deeper and the seven pieces on Liberamente  reveals a rare compositional dexterity. This is minimalism at its finest.”

Dawn Chorus And The Infallible Sea is the US Ambient/Drone trio who are entwined with the Past Inside The Present label, a label which releases so much music on a regular basis and one that has made itself the somewhat focal point of this style of music in the US. DCATIS (as they will be known from now on) where the first cab off the rank for PITP and have released a handful through the label which they have some involvement in (I honestly have lost track who is and isn’t involved these days). This time around they find themselves on the Denmark based Azure Vista label, a label with a rather strikingly nice visual design ethic.

Stylistically you can hear the influence of the aforementioned Stars Of The Lid in the way that they appear to be making epic statements, but from a more relaxed setting. This seven track, forty eight album minute album is heavy on maintaining a natural feel. There is no need to rush the pace or cram as many extra movements or instruments into the pieces. Rather, the music in some way acts as a vessel for the musicians to communicate directly to the listener with a rare sense of calm so needed in such times.

The trio nicely balance the more sonorous textures and sounds with those which are light and flighty. An early highlight is the string laden swoon of “Dormi Bene” which translates to the aptly titled “Sleep Well” which has the most delicate melodic chime like touches which have a light rippling effect and counteract any of the darker tones generated by the strings. With modern drone music it can be a regular occurrence to have variations of the same theme throughout the album making it very samey. With “Liberamente” DCATIS avoid this by approaching each track rather separately. From the more distant minimalism of “Lontana” aka “Far Away” to the almost rhythmical “Caduta del Cielo” aka “Fall Of Heaven”. It is like listening the equivalent of a set of photographs taken in different locations and different times. When the trio leave the listener with the final piece, they chose wisely with “Drala” a piece that consistently builds bringing the listener to edge, but holding back just a little. For me the final track on an album is very important as to me it makes a statement that invites the listener to join them the next time around. You either want to either entice or shock with the final piece and entice is what DCATIS do with “Drala”.

“Liberamente” is a beacon within a scene which can rather be one dimensional in it’s approach, sound and thought. It is the kind of album for those waiting for another Stars Of The Lid album – that is not to say that it is merely a copy, rather it is that good. “Liberamente” is due for release on October 18 on LP, CD and Digital with pre-orders currently open.

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