Over and Out

This blog is closing down while I concentrate on my other venture Adrift, At Sea. Thankyou for all your submissions, comment and follows. The last post will be a Best of 2020 / Things I have learnt blogging, due on Jan 1, 2021. After this day there will be radio silence.

James Murray & Mike Lazarev – Suññatā.

"Following last year's reworking of ‘Living Treasure’ James Murray and Mike Lazarev present a collection of post-classical compositions woven into delicate ambient textures. Suññatā is the experience of encountering the non-self, of a sound and its reflection meeting in empty space, found here in the remarkable combined resonance of emotive piano and uniquely reactive sound … Continue reading James Murray & Mike Lazarev – Suññatā.


Looking Backwards To Go Forwards – Part 2.

In light of my recent Instagram post that gave a snapshot of what the review queue looked like, I will keep these short and sweet in an effort to try and get through as many releases before I hit the brick wall. "We’re returning to our release schedule with a work that has been a … Continue reading Looking Backwards To Go Forwards – Part 2.