It is quite simple, DAF is a blog devoted to Ambient/Drone/Modern Classical/ Electroacoustic Music. Slow music for the busy world. Suitably only a few reviews posted each week.

I am happy to receive submissions, but please bare in mind that not everything can be covered. I have a life outside of the blog which means that there is limited time to devote to such a venture. I appreciate all that is sent, but please note repeat follow up emails wondering where your release is on the queue or if it will be reviewed will make me less inclined to actually review it. If you have sent something that I have downloaded, but ultimately passed on reviewing, please do not get annoyed. Some times I stream material to see if it’s suitable, but for those that require further assessment I may download it. I will try my best to cover as much as I can and be as fair as possible

Please send only mp3’s ( I can’t stress this enough. Wav files will not be considered, neither streaming links) through to: Occasionally I accept physical promos. Due to the solo and part time nature of the blog, only a couple of posts will be published each week. Unfortunately, not everything sent can be covered. Music that falls within the styles listed under the masthead will be listened to regardless of self release, label, physical or digital. Again, MP3’s ONLY.