Christopher Tignor – A Light Below.

Recently I have been finding some PR companies that send things your way that initially interest you and then they start sending anything else that they represent across. For that reason I started unsubscribing to lists I never subscribed to and stopped getting non specific music. So it is  a great thing when there are … Continue reading Christopher Tignor – A Light Below.


Chogori – Lake.

Chogori first came to my attention with their association with the Cologne based   Modularfield label with whom they released the albums "Chogori" and "Heat Haze". For "Lake" they have teamed up with Düsseldorf's Less Records who released the "Atermus" lp by Tom Blankenberg (who is 1/3 of the label). The duo are made up … Continue reading Chogori – Lake.

Ohio – Upward, Broken, Always.

The latest release from the 12k label is another of their inspired collaborations. Collaborative releases have featured throughout the catalogue by the likes of Marcus Fischer & Simon Scott, Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer, Seaworthy & Matt Roesner to name a few. This time the collaborators are label boss Deupree and the Japan based Corey … Continue reading Ohio – Upward, Broken, Always.

Mathieu Karsenti/ Ard Bit/ Olof Cornéer/ Night Gestalt/ Saenïnvey/ Kaada.

It's a broken record around these parts to talk about the size of the review queue (which is now past 1000 tracks), these particular releases (with the exception of the Ard Bit) are from the recent and not so recent past. My usual apologies in delays to each artist below as I cast my eyes … Continue reading Mathieu Karsenti/ Ard Bit/ Olof Cornéer/ Night Gestalt/ Saenïnvey/ Kaada.

Suumhow – Secuund.

The Autechre title influenced Belgium duo Suumhow are back on n5MD for their second album, the nicely titled "Secuund" a mere fourteen months on from their debut "Crash_Reports". "Secuund is the sophomore album from Belgium experimental electronix duo Suumhow. This album, the follow-up to last year's debut offering from Suumhow called "Crash_Reports" , finds the … Continue reading Suumhow – Secuund.