The Catch Up Pt.3

The world is a blur especially the musical one. Releases come at a rapid rate that not all can be processed in time for their release dates. As I try to balance the older and newer releases, here are some of various styles that were released in  March which I cast a brief look over. … Continue reading The Catch Up Pt.3

Corwin Trails – Wolf Songs Folk Songs.

Doing a blog with a specific musical coverage means you naturally get sent a lot of thematically similar sounding music. It can lead to listening fatigue. Ever so now and then you get something that is a little left field that requires you to take time to absorb it. This is the case with the … Continue reading Corwin Trails – Wolf Songs Folk Songs.

Ohio – Upward, Broken, Always.

The latest release from the 12k label is another of their inspired collaborations. Collaborative releases have featured throughout the catalogue by the likes of Marcus Fischer & Simon Scott, Taylor Deupree & Marcus Fischer, Seaworthy & Matt Roesner to name a few. This time the collaborators are label boss Deupree and the Japan based Corey … Continue reading Ohio – Upward, Broken, Always.

Mathieu Karsenti/ Ard Bit/ Olof Cornéer/ Night Gestalt/ Saenïnvey/ Kaada.

It's a broken record around these parts to talk about the size of the review queue (which is now past 1000 tracks), these particular releases (with the exception of the Ard Bit) are from the recent and not so recent past. My usual apologies in delays to each artist below as I cast my eyes … Continue reading Mathieu Karsenti/ Ard Bit/ Olof Cornéer/ Night Gestalt/ Saenïnvey/ Kaada.

Skyphone – Hildur / Marsh Drones.

Lost Tribe Sound has just seen the final part of the "We Stayed The Path That Fell To Shadow" subscription series of 2019 released with two albums from the Danish trio Skyphone. The series, a massive undertaking of Eight Lps, CD's and Digital followed on from their equally epic 2018 campaign "Prelude to The Decline" … Continue reading Skyphone – Hildur / Marsh Drones.

12k: An interview with Taylor Deupree.

If you are familiar with the music covered on this blog then you would be very much aware about both the 12k label and it's owner and artist in his own right, Taylor Deupree. Without being overly hyperbolic the influence of both 12k and Deupree cannot be overstated. From the principles that have guided him … Continue reading 12k: An interview with Taylor Deupree.