Gri / Scodellaro/ Javits – B/ue.

The latest release on the Italian based KrysaliSound label is a collaborative piece between musician and label boss Francis M. Gri, painter Andrea Scodellaro and video maker Alisa Javits. The result is a highly limited Cd that is accompanied by a unique framed painting by Scodellaro that is limited to only 9 copies. "For many … Continue reading Gri / Scodellaro/ Javits – B/ue.


Lost Tribe Sound – The Phonometrician / William Ryan Fritch / Vieo Abiungo.

The success of a label is creating an identity that notifies people straight away who released this work, without it being a mere repetition of what has cone previously. Lost Tribe Sound is one of those labels that has a true organic identity coupled with a dedication to putting out the most amazing looking releases … Continue reading Lost Tribe Sound – The Phonometrician / William Ryan Fritch / Vieo Abiungo.

Sontag Shogun – It Billows Up / Hilsa – Hilsa.

The name Sontag Shogun has been on my radar, but it wasn't till the release of the collaborative 7" with Moskitoo on Home Normal ("The Things We Let Fall Apart / The Thunderswan") that I actually got to sample their wares. With their new album dropping a handful of days ago on New York's Youngblood … Continue reading Sontag Shogun – It Billows Up / Hilsa – Hilsa.

Dag Rosenqvist – Blood Transmission.

The first solo album since 2016's "Elephant" (Dronarivm) sees Swedish Sound Artist Dag Rosenqvist join Hidden Vibes' ever growing catalog of fine artists (Hakobune, offthesky, Olan Mill, Chihei Hatekeyama and others). Since the last album he has kept himself busy with collaborations with the likes of Matthew Collins ("Hello Darkness"), Dakota Suite & Emmanuele Errante … Continue reading Dag Rosenqvist – Blood Transmission.

Mariska Baars / Rutger Zuydervelt – eau.

"Eau" sees the return pairing of Dutch experimentalists Mariska Baars (Soccer Committee, L.M.R.W, Piipstjilling) and Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek, Piipstjilling, L.M.R.W and many more collaborations). Both artists are adept explorers of sound, working together in a variety of quartets with Rutger through his Machinefabriek alias being well known for his work, especially collaborations with the likes … Continue reading Mariska Baars / Rutger Zuydervelt – eau.