PÆN – Talos.

"PÆN is the new pseudonym of Greek-born, Netherlands based composer & sound designer Panos Pagonis. Aiming to deliver story-telling electronic music, rich in atmosphere and dynamic. PÆN’s debut release is the EP "Talos"."Talos" is the “prelude” to the concept LP “Origins” which will follow at the end of 2020 (digital + vinyl). Both releases are … Continue reading PÆN – Talos.

Rhian Sheehan – Recollections, Vol 1.

New Zealand, the country located at the bottom of the world has a reputation for punching well above its weight. The country with a population of just under 5,000 000 have had a profound effect on musical culture over the years. Their punk scene of the late 70's was as good as anyone's (see the … Continue reading Rhian Sheehan – Recollections, Vol 1.

BP Moore – Komorebi / Sylvain Chauveau -Life Without Machines .

The following releases came out on the same day, April 17th. Both display styles of music from different ends of the spectrum. The lushness of BP Moore vs the minimalism of Sylvain Chauveau. “Komorebi”—a Japanese word with no exact English equivalent, but one that has been roughly translated to describe the sensation of ‘sunlight filtering … Continue reading BP Moore – Komorebi / Sylvain Chauveau -Life Without Machines .

Daniel McCagh – Altered States.

The latest release from Oakland, California's n5MD label is by sound designer, composer and engineer Daniel McCagh. McCagh is the latest Australian artist to be released by the label following compatriots Boy Is Fiction, Stray Theories (Australia via New Zealand) and Tim Koch to be released by the label. McCagh has a couple of digital … Continue reading Daniel McCagh – Altered States.

Archives – An Interview With Agus Mena.

For this post, the latest in the series of label interviews, I caught up with Agus Mena of Archives. Mena who also records as Warmth and SVLBRD, runs the label in parallel with the Faint imprint. Both labels have a strong visual identity with the musical component being equally as memorable making for well rounded, … Continue reading Archives – An Interview With Agus Mena.

Ocoeur – Everything.

"Everything is the 6th album by Bordeaux-based experimental electronic music composer Franck Zaragoza's Ocoeur epithet. For this new full-length, Zaragoza quantumly pushes the Ocoeur sound into the depths of synth-based ambient enclaves. Zaragoza blends such "ambience," at the opportune times, with his now trademark careening sound-design focused beat work. The album's closing tracks, the 20-minute … Continue reading Ocoeur – Everything.

Suumhow – Secuund.

The Autechre title influenced Belgium duo Suumhow are back on n5MD for their second album, the nicely titled "Secuund" a mere fourteen months on from their debut "Crash_Reports". "Secuund is the sophomore album from Belgium experimental electronix duo Suumhow. This album, the follow-up to last year's debut offering from Suumhow called "Crash_Reports" , finds the … Continue reading Suumhow – Secuund.

12k: An interview with Taylor Deupree.

If you are familiar with the music covered on this blog then you would be very much aware about both the 12k label and it's owner and artist in his own right, Taylor Deupree. Without being overly hyperbolic the influence of both 12k and Deupree cannot be overstated. From the principles that have guided him … Continue reading 12k: An interview with Taylor Deupree.

Dan Armstrong – A Long Time Coming / Confluent Phase – Ad Astra/ Anzio Green – Lygan.

I don't always get around to releases straight away. Submissions roll in at an even rate, there's releases I buy myself as well as my addiction to podcasts. However, the submissions form a queue and are placed into a playlist that I can explore through. I tend to find myself most captivated when I am … Continue reading Dan Armstrong – A Long Time Coming / Confluent Phase – Ad Astra/ Anzio Green – Lygan.