Tambour / Ed Carlsen / Anoice/ Dominique Charpentier.

I have been trying to mix up the posts of current releases alongside those that I missed first time around from the latter part of 2019. Here is one such post featuring some fine piano works, electronica and post rock from the likes of Tambour, Ed Carlsen, Anoice and Dominique Charpentier.     "Montreal pianist … Continue reading Tambour / Ed Carlsen / Anoice/ Dominique Charpentier.

Paul Haslinger / Edu Comelles.

For this post I check out the recent work from former Tangerine Dream member Paul Haslinger and the Valencian sound artist Edu Comelles.   "We’re on an immersive and adventurous travelogue with the former member of the legendary Tangerine Dream, Paul Haslinger - this is a man who knows how to build tension, hold moods, … Continue reading Paul Haslinger / Edu Comelles.

Jacaszek – Music For Film.

Jacaszek is Polish artist Michał Jacaszek who has been releasing music  for the past sixteen years on a series of highly regarded labels such as Miasmah, Touch, Requiem and Ghostly International. "Music For Film" is his third release with the latter label. The album features  pieces from Rainer Sarnet’s 2017 black-and-white fantasy drama November, the … Continue reading Jacaszek – Music For Film.

Arovane / Bruno Sanfilippo / Alaskan Tapes.

Quite a diverse collection of releases in this review, from the more experimental electronics of Arovane through to the consistently enjoyable piano works of Bruno Sanfilippo and the wider ambient aspects of Alaskan Tapes. The thing that brings them together is the common release times of March 24 to 26 and the fact that all … Continue reading Arovane / Bruno Sanfilippo / Alaskan Tapes.

130701 – An Interview With Dave Howell.

  I don't think it is too grand a statement to say that the importance of 130701 on the development of the current Modern Classical scene over the past two decades is incredibly important. Influential artists such as Max Richter, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Dustin O'Halloran and Hauschka are names that have appeared on the label and … Continue reading 130701 – An Interview With Dave Howell.

Visionary Hours – Coalescence of Form.

Visionary Hours is the recording name for British artist Hayden Berry who runs the Preserved Sound label. "Coalescence of Form" his fifth album follows on from release on the Hibernate label and his own imprint. His relationship with Hidden Vibes goes back to being the first person to release Hidden Vibes boss Oleksiy Sakevych's Endless … Continue reading Visionary Hours – Coalescence of Form.