Lorenzo Masotto – Home tour.

Recently reviewed in these pages, the "Home" album by Lorenzo Masotto (Dronarivm, Lady Blunt Records, Sonder House, Alfa Music, Preserved Sound) is being toured throughout Europe and the US/Canada this year with more dates to be added. "A pianist and composer based in Italy, his musical journey began when he took up the piano at … Continue reading Lorenzo Masotto – Home tour.

Forthcoming: The Ascent of Everest – Is Not Defeated.

Hammock Music have announced the forthcoming release of the very much long awaited third album from The Ascent of Everest. Born out of a community of like minded individuals, the band has been around for almost a decade and half and have released previous material on labels such as Future Music. This particular release began … Continue reading Forthcoming: The Ascent of Everest – Is Not Defeated.

Forthcoming: Suumhow – Crash_Reports.

n5MD have announced their latest signing Suumhow which are a mysteriously unknown Brussels based duo who contacted the label through Soundcloud. Their debut "Crash_Reports" is due sometime mid year. The label states that: "Their tunes could've easily been included on our inaugural releases MD1 and MD2 and they have the propensity to run everything they've … Continue reading Forthcoming: Suumhow – Crash_Reports.