worriedaboutsatan – Time Lapse.

The worriedaboutsatan project is currently in it's sixteenth year of existence. With a back catalogue of works on labels such as Gizeh, Burning Witches, Wolves and Vibrancy, Sound In Silence and Gavin Miller's own This Is It Forever, the existence of the project nearly came to an end when Miller's partner Thomas Ragdale opted to … Continue reading worriedaboutsatan – Time Lapse.

A Collection Of Artists Pt2.

  At this point in time supporting artists is important. With what is going on in the world including lock down, isolating and in some places institutions like the post office closing their doors, music is one of the things can provide an escape from ‘the real world’. So, I have done this post, the … Continue reading A Collection Of Artists Pt2.

Various Artists – Mediterraneo.

With this post I check out the first anniversary compilation from the Italian Lady Blunt label entitled "Meditteraneo" which was released on March the 3rd. "Lady Blunt is celebrating its first year of life by announcing a very special release dedicated to the Mediterranean Sea. The Italian label has commissioned 15 artists with the intention … Continue reading Various Artists – Mediterraneo.

Constantina – At Home With… / 36 – Music For Isolation.

For this brief post I shine the light on a new series that is inaugurated today by the fine Brazilian label La Petite Chambre and an absolutely gorgeous EP from 36. Both these releases are in response to the current times we find ourselves in.   "Facing the flaws of the system that we live … Continue reading Constantina – At Home With… / 36 – Music For Isolation.

port-royal – flares (15th Anniversary Remaster).

  "Flares was the debut album from Genoa post-rock quintet port-royal. The album was initially released in 2005 by the quality-minded UK indie label Resonant Recordings. "Flares" has become a watermark of the more contemporary amalgam of ambient, electronica and post-rock. And, is considered a classic of the genre. Spintink Music stylistically name-dropped Eno and … Continue reading port-royal – flares (15th Anniversary Remaster).

The Ascent Of Everest – Is Not Defeated.

Sometimes when it comes to releasing music it is all about timing. There are situations where the release is required to promote with tours or to commemorate something. In the case of The Ascent of Everest it's been close to seven years break between releases. This has happened due to various reasons such as illness … Continue reading The Ascent Of Everest – Is Not Defeated.