Archives – An Interview With Agus Mena.

For this post, the latest in the series of label interviews, I caught up with Agus Mena of Archives. Mena who also records as Warmth and SVLBRD, runs the label in parallel with the Faint imprint. Both labels have a strong visual identity with the musical component being equally as memorable making for well rounded, … Continue reading Archives – An Interview With Agus Mena.

Various – Sleeplaboratory2.0 / Heights.

  "The idea was originally came about after our label owner Harry and his wife had a baby daughter, Isla. Harry curated a full-length compilation to help soothe his daughter to sleep and whilst Isla hasn’t needed much of a helping hand where sleep is concerned, he was keen to continue this project as a … Continue reading Various – Sleeplaboratory2.0 / Heights.

Norvik/ Memory Drawings/ Robert Farrugia.

With the year and decade over, I am attempting to play catch up before the new year really hits. This post features  four distinctly different styles from the four corners of the world - Norvik (Hong Kong), Memory Drawings (UK/US) and Robert Farrugia (Malta). All have their own special kind of beauty. "Occasionally, we need … Continue reading Norvik/ Memory Drawings/ Robert Farrugia.