Banabila & Machinefabriek – Entropia.

Eilean Rec open the new year strongly (and their final year of existence) with the fifth full length release from these prolific well-known Dutch experimentalists. Most of their collaborations have seen the light of day through Banabila's Tapu label with the most recent being 2016's "Macrocosms" . "Michel Banabila and Rutger Zuydervelt (aka Machinefabriek) have … Continue reading Banabila & Machinefabriek – Entropia.

Ian Hawgood – 光.

The name Ian Hawgood should not be a new one for those with an interest in the Ambient underground. Look in your collection, I am sure the Home Normal imprint will be there, if not one of the many releases that he has mastered should be - just to give you an example, in  2018 … Continue reading Ian Hawgood – 光.

Eilean Rec x5: Śruti/ Benjamin Finger/ Emmanuel Whitzthum/ Aries Mond/ Amuleto.

For this second part of Eilean Rec release catch up, I get up to speed on the Class of 2018 (minus the previously reviewed Ljerke release). Again, some fine works of various colors and musical styles for listeners to dive right into. Śruti is the collaboration between Egyptian experimental musicians Omar El Abd (Omrr) & … Continue reading Eilean Rec x5: Śruti/ Benjamin Finger/ Emmanuel Whitzthum/ Aries Mond/ Amuleto.

2017 : Twenty of the Best List.

  TWENTY GREAT RELEASES OF 2017 I have to admit a sense of dread in compiling this list. These lists can be seen as from arbiters of taste and start well before the year ends. Sometimes it seems in competition to be the first to decree which album/label etc to be the finest of the … Continue reading 2017 : Twenty of the Best List.

Cicely Irvine – Excavation.

The latest Eilean Rec release (the 60th) comes from new artist Cicely Irvine called "Excavation". Irvine (b. 1990) is a musician and sound artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has been making music and sound design for film, radio and performance art. "Excavation" is her debut release and the recordings were made between 2007 and … Continue reading Cicely Irvine – Excavation.