The Best of 2018.

As the new year starts like every other blog I do my best of list for the previous year's releases.  What this list is is a celebration of the artists and labels that made some fine music that I heard and want to share with you. This is a relatively simple list, just 21 (I … Continue reading The Best of 2018.


James Murray – Landscapes of Lovers.

The ever busy James Murray (Slowcraft Records, Silent Vigils) has recently released this album via the Fluid Audio imprint. Recently I mentioned the Dauw and Eilean labels as victims of their own success. This is also attributable also to Fluid Audio who taken time and effort to construct impressive works of art that sell out … Continue reading James Murray – Landscapes of Lovers.

Slowcraft Records Interview with James Murray.

From time to time I like to shine light on labels and the people that run them. I am intrigued about their histories, inspiration and what their futures might bring. Ahead of the release of his new album "Falling Backwards" on Home Normal on September 14, this installment is with James Murray of Slowcraft Records. … Continue reading Slowcraft Records Interview with James Murray.