Gimmik – Entre les chambres.

With the craziness that is happening all over the world one of the things you need is consistency. Thankfully labels are still putting out physical music, albeit under adverse conditions (especially postal bans). One such label is the ever reliable n5MD with their latest release, a re-release of Gimmik's "Entre les chambers".     "Some … Continue reading Gimmik – Entre les chambres.

worriedaboutsatan – Time Lapse.

The worriedaboutsatan project is currently in it's sixteenth year of existence. With a back catalogue of works on labels such as Gizeh, Burning Witches, Wolves and Vibrancy, Sound In Silence and Gavin Miller's own This Is It Forever, the existence of the project nearly came to an end when Miller's partner Thomas Ragdale opted to … Continue reading worriedaboutsatan – Time Lapse.

Daniel McCagh – Altered States.

The latest release from Oakland, California's n5MD label is by sound designer, composer and engineer Daniel McCagh. McCagh is the latest Australian artist to be released by the label following compatriots Boy Is Fiction, Stray Theories (Australia via New Zealand) and Tim Koch to be released by the label. McCagh has a couple of digital … Continue reading Daniel McCagh – Altered States.

port-royal – flares (15th Anniversary Remaster).

  "Flares was the debut album from Genoa post-rock quintet port-royal. The album was initially released in 2005 by the quality-minded UK indie label Resonant Recordings. "Flares" has become a watermark of the more contemporary amalgam of ambient, electronica and post-rock. And, is considered a classic of the genre. Spintink Music stylistically name-dropped Eno and … Continue reading port-royal – flares (15th Anniversary Remaster).

Ocoeur – Everything.

"Everything is the 6th album by Bordeaux-based experimental electronic music composer Franck Zaragoza's Ocoeur epithet. For this new full-length, Zaragoza quantumly pushes the Ocoeur sound into the depths of synth-based ambient enclaves. Zaragoza blends such "ambience," at the opportune times, with his now trademark careening sound-design focused beat work. The album's closing tracks, the 20-minute … Continue reading Ocoeur – Everything.

Suumhow – Secuund.

The Autechre title influenced Belgium duo Suumhow are back on n5MD for their second album, the nicely titled "Secuund" a mere fourteen months on from their debut "Crash_Reports". "Secuund is the sophomore album from Belgium experimental electronix duo Suumhow. This album, the follow-up to last year's debut offering from Suumhow called "Crash_Reports" , finds the … Continue reading Suumhow – Secuund.