Andrew Rowan – Tanya Largos.

Andrew Rowan is the latest artist to release on Brooklyn based label/collective Susan Records. The last one I covered was Benjamin Louis Brody's "Oscillations" and between these was Louis S. Cohen's "Winter", which I wasn't able to squeeze in. "Tanya Largos" is a chamber piece scored by Rowan for violin, viola, cello and electric guitar … Continue reading Andrew Rowan – Tanya Largos.

Benjamin Louis Brody – Oscillations.

As a follow up to his 2018 album "Far Away Music" album on Preserved Sound, Benjamin Louis Brody has released the single "Oscillations" on the New York based Susan Records label, described as being "trance-inducing... for two trombones and synth" Musically, Brody previously recorded under the name Flow State, worked with drummer Ian Chang, composers … Continue reading Benjamin Louis Brody – Oscillations.