Best of 2020 and farewell.

Here it is, the last post on this blog my fourth and final best of list. The criteria is fairly simple relying on twenty (+ three honourable mentions) releases I liked. No splitting into genre styles or ranking them numerically. Just simply the art and where to buy it. It's safe to say 2020 has … Continue reading Best of 2020 and farewell.

Tomotsugu Nakamura – Literature.

The latest release in the "exquisite corpse" that is the Laaps release schedule comes from Japanese sound artist Tomotsugu Nakamura with his fifth album "Literature". While the first two releases in the series from The Alvaret Ensemble and FEAN where more abstract the recent duo of Danny Clay and Nakamura have continued to pursue an … Continue reading Tomotsugu Nakamura – Literature.