Klangriket is the recording name for Swedish musician Fabian Rosenberg. Rosenberg who has appeared on the Piano and Coffee label with the release “The Amsterdam Sessions” his collaboration with Sjors Mans (which one day will be coveted here), was last seen in this blog with his contribution to Dominique Charpentier’s “Reminiscences” album.

According to Rosenberg the track “Koltrast” (which translates to “Blackbird”, which is noted by the faint bird in the mostly black artwork) “is a simple piano composition reminiscing his grand fathers funeral.” that said, the track which utilizes close recorded solo piano that is quiet in tone and as respectful as you would imagine given the reason behind the piece. There is not a feeling of mournfulness, but one of reflection with a touch of sadness. The pace is slow but not lugubrious, with an emphasis placed on the use of space and silence to convey the emotions of someone passing. A blackbird is thought to be symbolic of those on a spiritual path and about the mystery of life.

For this track Rosenberg has with care, translated something personal into music and made a fitting tribute to someone close to him.

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