I get sent some things that don’t really fit the theme that I have in mind for the blog – Electro Pop trios?Alternative Hip Hop collectives? This particular release balances those boundaries I have set with a mix that marries shoegaze-isms and electronic touches. I Am Snow Angel is New York City based Dream Pop artist /producer Julie Kathryn who has been featured on sites/publications such as Refinery29, Creem Magazine and Indie Shuffle to name a few.

On January 25 she releases her concept album “Morhership”. I was sent the “Cabin Mix” of the track “Honeybee” as it fits more in with what I cover in this blog. Normally vocal based works I tend to stay clear of with exceptions of Valeska Rautenberg and Vargkvint being able to break through my defences. When I checked out this particular track I also checked out Kathryn’s other music to get some sort of idea of the music she releases.

The other music contained on her SoundCloud page are more in the Electronic /Pop side of things, which while done impressively well, are not really the sort of music that I tend to listen to. The interesting thing about this particular remix sent my way was that I was able to compare it to another remix of the same track on SoundCloud. The “Cabin Mix” takes the track in a shoegaze/dream pop direction which it provides an interesting comparison to her “City Mix” of the same track. With “Cabin Mix” Kathryn’s use of guitars, electronics and drones takes the track in a direction that fits the scope of this blog. The major difference between this and “City Mix”, other than quite different instrumentation, is the effect on the vocals. While being exactly the same vocals, the guitars, electronics and drones extract a quality in Kathryn’s voice that has a certain despair to it. The moodiness of the music suits the quiet desperation and hushed layered vocals. Initially built on tremeloed guitar and semi ominous drones once Kathryn’s vocals enter you detect a fragility to them which is paired with the fluid sounding music. Half way through the track electronics replace the guitars and the music becomes more reminiscent of darker electronic works. It’s quite interesting to see how a change in medical styles makes you interpret the vocals and their intention in different ways.

While I am not sure as to the label or format the “Mothership” album will be released on, if you have a bit more of an open mind/taste than I do, I would recommend checking out Kathryn’s SoundCloud page for more of her works. You can also compare the two remixes below.

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